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Leadership Coaching

I use both my conventional training and holistic integrative techniques, such as hypnotherapy, to help individual clients develop strategies to overcome limitations and achieve goals. 

Relationship Coaching

As a mediator specializing in family dispute resolution, I help couples and family members effectively communicate, align interests, negotiate agreements, and reconcile conflicts of interest.

Workshops and Trainings

I offer scalable, affordable, and easy to administer validated and customized programs that empower individuals and leaders to realize their personal, professional, and organizational goals.

Motivational Speaking

Are you looking for a breath of fresh air for your next event?   Let HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® inspire and motivate your group to take good care of themselves and improve collaboration and teamwork.

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Happy Whole Human, Happy, Whole Life

Meaningful, Measurable, and Lasting Change in 45 days

Do you want to live a happy and deeply fulfilling life? Like many, you probably want more for yourself, but you just can't seem to get there. Instead, life is constantly happening to you, and you are left feeling out-of-control. If so, you're not alone.

I understand how overwhelming it is to want to change but not to know how. You already have everything you need to live a happy, whole life. You have the strength to overcome whatever challenges life throws at you. No matter where you are in your journey, the next step is easier than you think.

Through the Happy Whole Human® coaching program, I've helped hundreds of people like you find a clear path to meaningful change in their lives. They've enjoyed measurable, lasting improvements in their happiness, their health, the quality of their relationships, and even in their daily productivity, and so can you.


Here's How the

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and Improving Your Relationships Today


1. Assessment

You'll start with my 15-minute online assessment to measure the 28 key dimensions of happiness. There are no failing scores! You'll receive a full report showing what's working well in your life right now and what is not.

2. Coaching

Over the course of 5 private one-on-one sessions, I will help you reclaim your life, find fulfillment, and overcome the challenges you are facing. You'll also get access to my Fundamentals e-course with teaching and tools.

3. Transformation

You will experience a powerful transformation. After just 45 days you'll take the assessment again and be astonished at the results.

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American Council of Hypnotist Examiners.
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"Because of Lisa’s history, education, empathy and combination of passion and compassion as well as an incredible sense of humor, she has the best tools that money can’t buy and she is wonderful at sharing them and teaching me how to best use them. I have known Lisa for over five years and although I initially went to her with career and weight issues, I continue to seek her out for help in other areas as well. I was able to transition out of a toxic job and I lost over 40 pounds! What I learned in the process has helped me work through life’s challenges including relationships, feeling stuck, depression, anxiety, lethargy… If Lisa could be offered in a pill form, I’d take it every day and recommend it to everyone I know!"


"The highlight of the [Conscious Capitalism] concurrent sessions was the illuminating Dr. Lisa Leit [pronounced, “light”], Founder of the Happy Whole Human Institute for Holistic Wellness. One of her client partners, Jessica Agneessens, Founder of the Academy for Conscious Leadership at Whole Foods Market, co-presented, highlighting the customization of the HWH™ Program for Whole Foods. Together, they presented wisdom and Happy Whole Human™ tools that demonstrate just how much further the most conscious corporations are going to support the performance maximizing benefits of “happy whole human” business culture."


"Dr. Leit transformed my approach to my career as well as my intimate relationships! She gave me much needed, actionable tools to manage my fears, as well as my stagnation. She is a master at holding up a mirror with compassion and sensitivity, while being effective and skillful. I have recommended Dr. Leit to several friends experiencing turbulence in their marriages, their parenting ability, as well as when they have been stuck in their careers. Dr. Leit brings a plethora of modalities to the table and intuitively matches them to your own personal needs for optimal growth and actualization. If I could give more stars I would! If you’re looking for a quick balance or long term strategy and support, then you are in great hands."


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