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Dr. Lisa Leit's fundamental HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® message is "There is a 'WE' in WELLNESS." In other words, relationship health is key to individual and societal well-being.  Lisa asserts, “Interpersonal drama, lapses in productivity, self-neglect, overall stress, and dissatisfaction are closely related to imbalances in how we treat ourselves and others.”  Why is this so important?  Lisa's original research indicates that a shocking 78% of Americans are at least obliviously self-absorbed in their interactions--which translates into imbalances in most relationships that cause many mental, physical and interpersonal problems.

By factoring relationship dynamics into the research-based HWH Holistic Wellness Self-Assessment and the corresponding Do-It-Yourself handbook, HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® provides the most comprehensive conceptualization of wellness to date.  Publications include The HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN Handbook (2016), Conversational Narcissism in Marriage (2008, with co-authors Dr. Debby Jacobvitz and Dr. Nancy Hazen-Swann), and entries on both “Communication and Narcissism” and “Narcissism in Marriage” in the International Encyclopedia of Interpersonal Communication.

HAPPY WHOLE HUMAN® isn't about being perfect or about winning any contests. HWH holistic wellness is a lifestyle. This turnkey program empowers you to achieve a state of balanced health that meets you where you are, and provides a vision, structure, and support to improve your life and relationships across the board.

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