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Lisa has been both empowering and inspirational. Her pragmatic help personally, in my romantic relationship, and professionally have been exemplary. She has also been inspirational in terms of my social media, overall business vision and creative process, leading to my newest website launch.


As a busy professional with varied and challenging responsibilities, it is hard to always maintain a winning attitude.  I sought executive coaching with Lisa to reduce my stress and improve the effectiveness of my communications. Interestingly, in the process, I learned more about my own needs and am feeling more present, fulfilled, and at peace. Still busy and productive, but feeling much more relaxed and happy in the process.


Dr. Lisa Leit is an excellent executive coach and mediator. Her professional and academic credentials are top notch. I would recommend her services to anyone who seeks intelligent and compassionate life coaching (e.g. career, relationships, marriage, divorce, etc.).


Because of Lisa's history, education, empathy and combination of passion and compassion as well as an incredible sense of humor, she has the best tools that money can't buy and she is wonderful at sharing them and teaching me how to best use them. I have known Lisa for over five years and although I initially went to her with career and weight issues, I continue to seek her out for help in other areas as well. I was able to transition out of a toxic job and I lost over 40 pounds! What I learned in the process has helped me work through life's challenges including relationships, feeling stuck, depression, anxiety, lethargy. If Lisa could be offered in a pill form, I'd take it every day and recommend it to everyone I know!!

-Pauline Z.

Are you stuck in your career or want to make a change? Are you feeling anxious, depressed, or are you in a dwindling relationship? Dr. Leit transformed my approach to my career as well as my intimate relationships! She gave me much needed, actionable tools to manage my fears, as well as my stagnation. She is a master at holding up a mirror with compassion and sensitivity, while being effective and skillful. I have recommended Dr. Leit to several friends experiencing turbulence in their marriages, their parenting ability, as well as when they have been stuck in their careers. Dr. Leit brings a plethora of modalities to the table and intuitively matches them to your own personal needs for optimal growth and actualization. If I could give more stars I would! If you're looking for a quick balance or long term strategy and support, then you are in great hands - book an appointment before she stops taking new clients!

-Kaitlin S.

She is my life coach over 5 years. I have leaned from her including anger management, how to build self-confidence, my core value, how to set up my boundaries, how to deal with others and so on.

-Asuka W.

I felt a tremendous sense of well being after just one session. She really does change lives. Highly recommended.

-Diana S.

I got more out of my 15 minute coaching call with Dr. Leit than from all of the other therapy and self-improvement work in my entire life.

-Client, Whole Foods Market

I couldn't be more pleased with the results of my work with Dr. Leit. She is extremely caring, professional and is committed to the success of her clients. Through her Happy Whole Human wellness program I have been given tools that I can incorporate into my daily life - such a fabulous resource!!

-Andrea M.

The two coaching sessions I attended were amazing. I will be looking into the additional resources offered.

-Mary Beth, Whole Foods Market

I love that WFM offers this, and found it incredibly valuable. I can't wait to take advantage of more resources!

-Rula, Whole Foods Market

I have already recommended this! Love it

-Beth, Whole Foods Market

Fresh perspectives! The coaching call was incredibly rich in spite of the limited length of time... I was incredibly uplifted!

-Client, Whole Foods Market

It turns out you can take care of yourself and give more to an organization. You can be whole. It doesn’t have to be this vampire exercise. That, to me, is the major allure of this work, because there is no help unless you identify and stop your co-dependence. That’s why this work is so revolutionary.

-Jessica Agneessens, Founder, Academy for Conscious Leadership

I truly appreciated the stimulating HWH assessment and the insightful coaching. The approach was simple and illuminating. I identified some profound areas for growth. Many thanks.

-Andy, Whole Foods Market

I found Lisa a delight to work with – professional, personal and positive – and she certainly challenged me. It was great talking with her and having her break down a couple pieces of my assessment in a way that I could better digest. I love receiving the daily emails as well. It's a great way to keep this top of mind and small enough to latch onto for the day.

-Nicole, Whole Foods Market

We all have the strength, wisdom, and confidence within to meet our challenges. Sometimes we just need a solid support system to help bring it to the surface. Dr. Leit and her program did that for me and I am eternally grateful.


To preface: I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Lisa Leit in a professional, therapeutic environment. Since she is the brilliant mind behind this program, I would like to share my personal experiences with her as well as my review of the HWH program itself. If you are only interested in the HWH program review, please scroll to the last two paragraphs. I apologize for the lack of brevity, it has never been my strong suit.

I started seeing Lisa with my husband because we thought we needed divorce mediation. Well, turns out a transformation was in order instead! We were successfully able to place all of our differences aside and delve deeply into the inner workings of our minds and “souls” if you will. We approached her with completely different issues. I myself had been through my fair share of traumatic experiences as well as various mental illness diagnoses. My husband came in with a dramatic loss of his sense of self and his ability to get through the mundane responsibilities of everyday life.

We had/have drastically different needs. He was in need of a restructuring of how he views the world and his own needs. He needed a helping hand to crawl out of depression and apathy towards daily life and his career. I needed to crawl out from under years of trauma and misplaced anger. Our previous coping mechanisms were the typical: anger, blame, alcohol abuse, tobacco, etc. Our lives were falling apart before our eyes and we had no idea how to see the light at the end of the tunnel – or if there was one at all!

While my husband was a therapy novice, I myself am a veteran. I have been in therapy for years. I have talked my issues to death, I have managed to become incredibly self-aware, yet without making any lasting or meaningful changes. With ONE session with Lisa, yes, literally one session, I had more coping mechanisms than I gleaned from years of therapy. And even better, I didn’t have to work so hard at utilizing them. The skills she taught me suddenly came quite naturally to me. I was, and am, truly amazed. Years of agonizing memories and emotions finally began to melt away.

Now what you are getting with the happy whole human program, is Lisa in an electronic format. It is truly unlike anything else that exists today. The price is an absolute steal compared to what you would pay in a clinical environment with any therapist/counselor/life coach but for very similar benefits. You need not be riddled with traumatic experiences or major depression either to benefit from the program. Literally every single person in existence would find something valuable to take away from it. It is playing an absolutely imperative role in my (and my husband’s) journey towards self-improvement and self-discovery. Wherever you are in life, if you can agree that you have the slightest bit of room for improvement (we all do) then you need to embark upon the Happy Whole Human adventure.

I have sat in countless mental health professionals’ offices, crying my eyes out, claiming there is no hope for me for the future. If I could go back to my past self now, I wouldn’t worry about a thing. I can only imagine how much others could benefit as well. The program itself is fun, interactive, thought-provoking, and easy to get through. It doesn’t feel like you are sitting down trudging through endlessly wordy passages or lectures. It does the work for you. You devote the time, and you heal and grow. Just like that. The self-hypnosis files are fantastic for their individual specifications (gain confidence, quit smoking, let go of the past etc.) and also for experiencing general deep relaxation and peacefully drifting off into sleep at night. It is truly an experience that transcends words and one I wouldn’t trade for anything.


Dr. Leit’s visionary approach to wellness in an easily accessible format is simply brilliant. From the comfort and convenience of home, by way of the Happy Whole Human Website and the Holistic Wellness Program, one is able to access a healing space that feels personal, confidential and sacred. I felt a sense of inspiration, empowerment and self-indulgence. Going “within” felt like a welcome respite, as a sense of serenity and gratitude washed over me. Thank you!


My life was profoundly changed for the better after working through Dr. Lisa Leit’s Happy Whole Human program. Although I strived to be aware and present in my personal and professional relationships, “life” got in the way and I found myself slowly and painfully unraveling. Knowing I needed support and help I began seeing Dr. Leit. Through working with her and her program I was able to assess the areas within that needed to be strengthened and empowered so I could face head on with confidence the challenges I was facing.


The Happy Whole Human Holistic Wellness Program is a fantastic tool for personal growth and development. This program has been an enlightening experience for me. The self-reflection questions really made me think, and I learned new things about myself. In order to grow, you really need to be honest with yourself and this program guides you to do just that. Additionally, Dr. Leits’ self-hypnosis mp3’s are great and I highly encourage you to listen to them! They have helped me sleep better, and have a better general sense of well-being!


I cannot emphasize enough just how grateful I am that Lisa came into my family's life. My husband and I found ourselves stuck -- we were falling apart and on a downward spiral. When we tried talking about our our concerns regarding our relationship and each other it always turned into a fight fueled by fear, vulnerability and incorrect assumptions about the intent of the other. We ended up hurting each other over and over in order to protect ourselves. We needed help and my husband actually found Lisa after searching for a couple of months - he read her bio and holistic approach and philosophy towards healing, therapy and life in general which lined up perfectly with our approach. We went into the first meeting wanting a "mediator" of sorts that we both respected immensely on many levels (this is very very hard to find!) that could serve as an unbiased, honest, observer and guide through a process where we could get all the negative thoughts and doubts about each other and misunderstandings and incorrect assumptions that were destroying our relationship up and out. We wanted to be happy again. So the journey with Lisa as our guide began and i felt immediate relief just knowing we were getting help and we were in the hands of this gifted and genuinely intuitive guide. There was hope. Now -- after working regularly with Lisa for 2 years I can honestly say I am so so shocked at how far we have come in a very positive way -- I never thought I was capable of this sort of progress. Lisa has given us what we needed ten fold - however in a way I never could have expected. I thought I knew how the sessions were going to play out but now I realize I did not have the awareness at that time to know just where I was headed. Lisa opened our eyes to the root of our unease and lead us through the painful and scary process of facing the truth, accepting it, having love, compassion and understanding for each other but ultimately for ourselves. that sounds so corny but wow has Lisa shown me the way to self acceptance -- something I didn't even know I needed! On top of being an incredible guide through the tough and real stuff she is just a really spectacular person with a beautiful heart. I feel very safe with Lisa -- safe to get angry or sad or happy -- i know whatever i am going through is never judged it is met with compassion and acceptance and that has enabled me to move past some huge hurdles. I cannot recommend Lisa enough.

-Leslie K.

I began to see Dr. Leit because I was coming out of a stressful ten year period. Things were really looking up, but I couldn’t shake the anxiety and stress I’d been dealing with for so long. Right off the bat, I was comfortable with Dr. Leit and not nervous one bit about the hypnotherapy. She is compassionate and wants the best for her clients. Dr. Leit is the facilitator in the process, I felt in charge of the entire session and, at the end, empowered to complete the goals I had set for my self. Using my own personality and mind I have released the mental static I was carrying and now, anything is possible. I’m more confident, independent and happy-maybe than I’ve ever been. Just after one session, I literally felt a huge weight off of me. I could breathe easier and it just continued to get better from that point on. Dr. Leit has helped me change my perspective on so many issues and this experience has changed my life.


One of the most amazing things I've ever experienced! – WOW, my session with Lisa was AMAZING!!! Hypnotherapy was so different from what I had envisioned!! It was such an amazing, uplifting, and self-affirming process! I think one of the most beautiful things about her approach to Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy is that you are guiding and telling YOURSELF the answers from a true place of knowing, instead of the opposite. I feel like Hypnotherapy does in one session what 3-6 months of other therapies can do! Since our session I have felt so FREE and more and more confident with each day. I have applied the lessons I've learned of putting myself first and it feels REALLY GOOD!! I just can't say enough about Lisa and the amazing work that she does!! I've been loving listening to the Daily Reminder meditation before bed, I just feel like I get the best sleep!! I can't quite articulate the shift that's happening but I really feel like myself again; optimistic, excited, and free :) I was planning to go to a wellness seminar but after seeing Lisa, I decided I don't need to go - I simply don't feel compelled to do so! With Lisa's help I, without a doubt, have found the answers I was looking for.

Thanks again so much, Lisa, for being a wonderful guide and an inspiration!! You are the best!!


Unbelievable results! – There truly are no words kind enough to express my gratitude for what Dr. Leit has help me become. She is my own personal advocate. She is supportive and kind, non-judgmental, and insightful. She helped me to learn how to get out of my own way so that I could achieve the happiness that I have been seeking. She exceeded my expectations 10 fold. I have and will continue to recommend her services to anybody who is in need of a positive change. She is incredible!


Awesome Life Coach – Hypnotherapist specializing in positive life improvement. Lisa Leit is incredible. She totally changed my life. As I write this, I sit in a pottery studio in NC. Before, I was in sales, which was not my true calling. Lisa Leit went in and challenged me to get in touch with my "higher self" and, after doing so, I was able to make the changes I'd been wanting to make for years.


Clarity Regained – I have nothing with which to compare my hypnotherapy session with Dr. Leit because this was my first and only such session; but in as much as she was welcoming, generous, knowledgeable, focused, clear, and genuinely interested in helping me become more of who I am, she gets the highest marks and an unreserved recommendation to anyone ready to discover themselves again.


Hypnosis – You must try hypnotherapy with Dr. Leit!!! I tried it just because I was curious and I was blown away at what Dr. Leit was able to bring to the surface and then help me to release. It was incredible to say the least. I immediately felt an overwhelming sense of calmness and peace after one session. I've since gone back to delve deeper and each session brings insight and balance into my life, even where I didn't know I needed it. I'm so glad I've discovered the healing powers of Dr. Leit!


Amazing skills – Dr. Leit has done such a great job of helping me to become more empowered in my life. She has skillfully assisted me in the process of transitioning from a state of fear and being 'stuck' to positive movement and obtaining personal and professional goals. I always leave her office feeling excited and joyful.


Extraordinary Coaching – What an extraordinary experience it was working with Dr. Leit as she guided me through various stages of myself, helping me discover parts I didn't even realize were inhibiting my growth, both personally and professionally. Not only did she help me recognize these areas, but even more so, guided me through various solutions until I found what worked best for me and my situation. I walked away from one experience with more clarity than a year's worth of therapy. Dr. Leit is a truly talented coach who I would recommend to anyone wanting to grow and overcome challenges. She is a gift to us all.


Splendid Life Coach – What a splendid person....Dr. Leit is the most compassionate, sharp and not to mention straight forward person I have the pleasure of knowing. I consider her a friend as well as a life coach, as she uncovered an inner strength in me that has continued to change my life in positive ways. She is a wonderful human being that loves to help others and I am proud to say I know her!


Hypnotherapy – Lisa helped me though a troubled time by delving into my subconscious to resolve issues that couldn't be done with other types of therapy. This process was straight forward and quick. Lisa also provided, with my direction, hypnotic suggestions that are lasting and have positively impacted my life. Lisa is both easy going and professional enabling a pleasant and successful experience.


Dr. Leit is Amazingly Knowledgeable – Dr. Leit is extremely patient, kind and caring and her depth and breadth of knowledge are top notch. I have seen Dr. Leit for hypnotherapy as well as other holistic therapies intended to help me deal with some long held perceived personal limitations. Being a very mathematical, logical person, it has been hard to get past my mind and allow myself to access the blocks I have kept me from reaching my full potential in some areas. Working with Dr. Leit has allowed me to make great strides to get past these barriers and positively work through life transitions.


Excellent Emotional Education – Dr. Leit is extremely helpful, completely nonjudgmental and offers powerful strategies intelligently coping with one's emotions and stressors. I highly recommend her services to anyone who is going through a tough time or just wants some tools for introspection.


Life Changing Life Coach – Dr. Lisa Leit is magic. She is attentive and compassionate -- a true healer. I experienced one of her hypnotherapy sessions and was absolutely amazed. With her gentle directives, she nudged me to look inside myself, to uncover mental and emotional blocks that were keeping me from achieving my fullest potential, and to generate practical, constructive solutions on how to change. I woke from the session refreshed and empowered. I use images revealed in Dr. Leit's session as touchstones in my daily life.


Fabulous Coach – I found Dr. Leit's help in uncovering my inner strength has helped me in every aspect of my life. My relationship with my husband has improved, I have a new job, and I have lost ten pounds. I'm excited to see what happens next! She is very very good at what she does, and she is a super nice person too!!

I recommend her services to anyone seeking positive change.


Fabulous life coach!!! – Dr. Leit is a lovely person who helped me to see where I needed to make some changes in my life. She provided me with holistic tools that I can use myself like self-hypnosis and breathing exercises. Thank you Dr. Leit, you are a great life coach and I am very satisfied with the help you gave me to get over my hurdle. I even feel more confident doing it myself next time, though I may give her a call again.


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